Role Players

Usually within the first ten games of the regular season, teams reveal their identity. Offensive strategies and defensive schemes against certain opponents are put into action, leading to what gives the best chance for success. So far, the Lakers have faced a good sample of opponents, ranging from the speedy Phoenix Suns to the slow prodding, defensive oriented Detroit Pistons. From that experience, though early in the season, Phil Jackson has exhibited the player roles defensively and within the triangle offense, for the starters.

Leading man

Carmel’s Josh McRoberts has embraced his new role at Duke as he delays his NBA future

By Mark Montieth

The comparisons to Larry Bird will flow whenever Josh McRoberts decides it’s time to enter the NBA, as they do for every large, white versatile basketball player.

Josh McRoberts has been touted as a first-round NBA draft pick since he graduated from Carmel High School. Now a sophomore at Duke, he’ll likely join the Blue Devils’ group of recent first-round picks when he enters the draft.

Progress Report

With a quarter of the season over, the Lakers have shown key strengths and weaknesses over proven competition during the regular season.

Right now they stand at 2nd place in the Pacific Division with a 15-7 record. Against strong playoff teams such as the Rockets, Spurs, Clippers, Pacers, Jazz, Nets, Bulls, and Suns, they’ve proven they can not only hang with the elite teams, but show they belong with that group. Clean execution, great energy, and an enthusiastic defense have led to these wins.

The Sonics, Blazers, Pistons, Jazz, Bucks, Hornets, and Mavericks have given them all of their losses this season.