Lakers vs. Hornets

The Lakers lost to the Hornets the other night, by the two weaknesses that fans had hoped they would’ve improved; interior presence and point guard defense.

After a very soft defensive game in the 1st half, the Lakers were simply outplayed at both ends of the floor. The Hornets won on energy and hustle by their active bigmen, as well as smart point guard play with heavy utilization of the high pick and roll.

It isn’t so much that the Hornets are the league leader in offensive rebounds because they shoot so poorly. It is because they take a lot of shot attempts, tip-ins, stabs at the ball, taps, right underneath the hoop. It doesn’t take long for three to four shots at point blank range to occur in three seconds. Those extra 10-14 attempts per game drops their field goal percentage. The Hornets finished with 19 more field goal attempts, with just 6 less attempts at the free throw line.

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